Coaching Strategies

Meet the Coaching Staff

Sean Kennedy – Esports General Manager / Coach

What do we do:

Our scholastic esports program at La Academia is centered around establishing roles and responsibilities early on with NASEF’s Esports Ecosystem while using project and problem-based strategies to set benchmarks throughout a scholar’s experiences in our program. We start the adventure by allowing scholars to select their team representative officers (President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer) to handle their team’s overall direction/focus throughout each quarter. Once we set those expectations, members select their quarterly domain (Strategists, Content Creators, Entrepreneurs, Organizers) and choose projects that apply to their specific division. They will move within and between different roles while working to achieve these collaborative goals.

Over the years we’ve had scholars complete many custom projects, including:

  • Merchandise & Product Design – 3D Modeling (keychains, figurines, placards, Pi cases, etc) & Graphic Design (jerseys, flyers, logos, etc.)

  • Website & Coding/Programming – Coding Sampling & Web-based Apps

  • Video Game & Character Design – Character Modeling & Scene Design

  • Event Planning and Fundraising – Event Nights –> (Run by the team!)

  • PC Building and Troubleshooting – Virtual and Hands-on Practices

  • Video Editing – Web-based HD Video Processing Tools & Techniques

  • … And so much more!