Portrait of a Graduate

A LAPCS Graduate will be a well-rounded individual who demonstrates:


  • Effective

  • Communicator

  • Disciplined

  • Collaborative


  • Self-Reflection

  • Internally

  • Motivated

  • Trustworthy


  • Resilient

  • Determined

  • Confident


  • Empathetic

  • Compassionate

  • Respectful

Scholarly Qualities

  • Life-long Learner

  • Curious

  • Critical Thinker

Today's Learner, Tomorrow's Leader

A LAPCS Graduate will be a well-rounded individual who demonstrates

  • Leadership

    • Effective Communicator - An LAPCS graduate can communicate effectively both orally and in writing. Additionally, an LAPCS graduate is an attentive listener.

    • Disciplined - An LAPCS graduate shows self-control in their actions.

    • Collaborative - An LAPCS graduate is a team-player and works well with others.

  • Accountability

    • Self-Reflection - An LAPCS graduate evaluates one's work and looks for ways to improve.

    • Internally Motivated - An LAPCS graduate finds value from within themselves.

    • Trustworthy - An LAPCS graduate is honest and reliable.

  • Perseverance

    • Resilient - An LAPCS graduate is able to bounce back and grow from difficult situations.

    • Determined - An LAPCS graduate is firm in their beliefs and motivated to accomplish their goals.

    • Confident An LAPCS graduate believes in themselves and their abilities.

  • Conscientiousness

    • Empathetic - An LAPCS graduate understands and shares in the feelings of others.

    • Compassionate - An LAPCS graduate shows sympathy and cares for others.

    • Respectful - An LAPCS graduate is kind, courteous, and considerate of others.

    • Scholarly Qualities Life long learner - An LAPCS graduate seeks out opportunities to continue to learn and grow.

    • Curious - An LAPCS graduate is eager to learn and asks questions.

    • Critical Thinker - An LAPCS graduate analyzes information to form their own thoughts and opinions.

To learn more about the Pennsylvania Department of Education’s pathways to qualify for a diploma after completing your credit requirements at La Academia, check out our Graduation Pathways page!